Weekly Services


From time to time, special services are held in different venues and at different times:

Please note, change to service time & venue on Sunday 16th September:

10:30am @ the church of the Holy Cross, Binstead


Our regular weekday services:

on a Monday:

at St Edmund’s Church – 8am, Morning Prayer


on a Wednesday:

at St Edmund’s Church – 9.30am, a traditional ‘said’ service of Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer) 

at St Mark’s Church –  9.10-9.30am, “Mini Worship” for under five-year-olds – songs of praise and storytime suitable for families with very young children, with toys and coffee afterwards



The pattern of Sunday services each month is:

1st Sunday

  • 8am Holy Communion (St Edmund’s)
  • 9.30am Sunday Brunch (St Mark’s) – an informal service of prayer, praise and food with a continental-style breakfast and the opportunity to choose child-friendly activities, a round-table discussion, quiet prayer in the Lady Chapel or a more formal Bible Study session.
  • no evening service

2nd Sunday

  • 9.30am Holy Communion, with Explorers for young people (St Mark’s)
  • 6pm Evensong (St Edmund’s)

3rd Sunday

  • 8am Holy Communion (St Edmund’s)
  • 9.30am Morning Worship (St Mark’s) – a new and informal interactive service of praise for all ages
  • no evening service

4th Sunday

  • 9.30am Holy Communion, with Explorers (St Mark’s)
  • 6pm Evensong (St Edmund’s)


NOTE: During a regular month, there will be two Holy Communion services at St Edmund’s Church and two Holy Communion services at St Mark’s Church. This means that there is a Sunday morning service of Holy Communion within the parish at either 8am or 9.30am every Sunday.


When there is a 5th Sunday in the month, the pattern of services for that Sunday is as follows:

  • 8am Holy Communion (St Edmund’s)
  • 9.30am Morning Prayer (St Mark’s)