What IS Sunday Brunch?

Sunday Brunch service at St Mark's Church

This was Sunday Brunch No. 1 in 2006

SUNDAY BRUNCH is a monthly “cafe-style” family-friendly informal service with prayer, praise, activities … and food … at St Mark’s Church!

time: 9.30am-10.45am

at: St Mark’s Church, Station Road PO33 4RA

(the church nearest the Cedar’s pub)


Everyone welcome! Why not come along and find out how ‘church’ can be fun!


What you can expect:

Each Sunday Brunch begins with an introduction, a prayer, a song, and a continental-style breakfast … then moves into different areas within the church:

  • Children’s Activity Zone in church
  • Discussion Table(s)the chance for the adults to have another cuppa, sit and discuss the month’s theme without hovering over the kids! Sit and listen, or join in the chat!
  • Teen’s Discussion Table
  • Quiet Zone for prayer and contemplation in the Lady Chapel (to the right of the main altar)
  • Bible Study in the Coffee Lounge


A few of us agreed to pose for this pic at Sunday Brunch in July 2017!


Sunday Brunch dates for 2018:

7th January

4th February

4th March

1st April

6th May

3rd June

1st July

5th August

2nd September

7th October

4th November

2nd December


Here’s a sample of our Brunch “menu”:

front page Sunday Brunch menu

front page Sunday Brunch ‘menu’ Nov 2014

opening prayer and 'food for thought'

opening prayer and ‘food for thought’

Sun Brunch Nov 2014-page-003

opening song, prayers and blessing

Sun Brunch Nov 2014-page-004

what we believe (the Creed), the Lord’s Prayer, and a song