Welcome to our worship in wootton bridge!

Two churches, one parish … for details of our usual regular Sunday and weekday worship services, times and venues, click here.

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St edmunds
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For all general enquiries, including enquiries about hiring, or arranging a baptism or wedding, or organising a funeral in one of our churches, please contact us here


Spiritual Communion (PDF) Ways to pray if you can’t get to Church
New digital resources available including weekly video broadcasts each Sunday; daily audio for prayer for the day, and night prayer; webinars for churches; daily #LiveLent content; new mental health reflections; and apps and smart speaker skills.


You may have noticed some changes at St Mark’s church …

The church building is now a warm & bright space, with wifi available for hirers and users of the premises. There’s much more work to do to provide access to all areas … upgrading the lounge and kitchen area AND providing a purpose-built, step-free entrance to the church building are next! Funds for the work so far have been provided by donors, through fundraising activities and as a result of grant applications.

We recently received a grant from The WightAid Foundation towards the next phase of work.

Our thanks go to EVERYONE – volunteers & donors – but especially to Stephen Capps, who has worked tirelessly. You have all made this truly amazing transformation possible!



The Church of England Parish of Wootton (the churches of St Edmund and St Mark) is part of the Plurality of the Parishes of Binstead, Havenstreet and Wootton. It regards the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults and good working practice as a priority. In the interests of the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people and vulnerable adults the Plurality has, in conjunction with Portsmouth Diocese Safeguarding Team, developed and operates a Safeguarding and Protection Policy for both children and vulnerable adults across all three parishes.

The Plurality is committed to ensuring that everyone working with children, young people and vulnerable adults:

  • has undergone an Enhanced level DBS check
  • Is adequately trained and supervised
  • understands and follows the Parish Safeguarding Policy

As part of that commitment, a Plurality Safeguarding Lead has been appointed.

Plurality Safeguarding Lead: Avril Osborn, tel: (01983) 568 900

All people involved in activities within the churches in the Parish of Wootton are aware of how to contact the Plurality Safeguarding Lead.

Furthermore, the Parish of Wootton undertakes to

  • exercise care in the appointment of those working with children, young people and vulnerable adults within the Parish of Wootton
  • seek the advice of the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser in the event of any safeguarding concerns and,if appropriate, contact the statutory authorities
  • work to the parish safeguarding handbook principles
  • be committed to following statutory, denominational (if relevant) and specialist guidelines
  • seek support for all those affected by abuse
  • be committed to supporting and resourcing those who work with children and young people and provide regular supervision
  • review both the child and vulnerable adults protection and safeguarding policies annually and amend accordingly

Our Priest-In-Charge is Rev. Veronica Brown

Priest-In-Charge of three Parishes & four church buildings:
Binstead (Holy Cross)
Havenstreet (St Peter’s)
Wootton Bridge (St Edmund’s and St Mark’s)

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