Brunch July 2017_1
Brunch July 2017_1
Moses and Beatrice baptism at May Brunch 2018
Wedding at St Edmund's Church
Mini Worship
Brunch July 2017_4
Brunch July 2017_3

Sunday 16th October, 9.30am Harvest Thanksgiving Sunday Brunch @ St Mark’s Church



Don’t forget!

Bring your Smarties tubes full of coins

We’ll be collecting the following for the Isle of Wight Foodbank:



improved access at St Mark’s church

One of our plans for 2018 & 2019 has been to improve access at St Mark’s church for people of all ages …

You’ll already have seen some improvements – take a look at the wider driveway with disabled parking, the new ramp and wider door into the toilet lobby!

That’s what we’ve done so far, and there’s more to come. In October, our toilets are being upgraded with an additional unisex disabled toilet; grant money is paying for much of the work but we need to make up the shortfall with donations

Can we fix it? Yes, we can … with your help!! If you’d like to make a donation towards this project, please email us

Click here for something simple to do that won’t cost you a penny extra, but it will help us raise funds. With EASY FUNDRAISING you can collect free donations for us every time you buy something online.



About our Parish:

Did you know? Christians have worshipped here in Wootton Bridge for around 1,000 years!

Christ in Glory

Christ in Glory, St Mark’s church

Our main Sunday service starts at 9.30am every Sunday at St Mark’s Church, Station Road, Wootton Bridge PO33 4RA

(Please note that the service style and format at St Mark’s will vary through the month – for full details of all our regular weekday and Sunday services, see here.)

the Norman door at St Edmund's church

The ancient Norman arch over the door at St Edmund’s church

We are most fortunate to have two church buildings to serve the needs of our parish, each with their own unique character: the pretty 930-year old Norman church of St Edmund’s at the far end of Church Road; and the larger, 20th-century brick-built church of St Mark’s on Station Road, near The Cedars pub.

NOTE: During a regular month, there will be two 8am Holy Communion services at St Edmund’s Church and two 9.30am Holy Communion services at St Mark’s Church. This means that there is a Sunday morning Holy Communion service within the parish at either 8am or 9.30am every week. Click here for full details.

For all general enquiries, please contact us here.

Our Priest-In-Charge is Rev. Veronica Brown

Priest-In-Charge of three Parishes:
Binstead (Holy Cross)
Havenstreet (St Peter’s)
Wootton Bridge (St Edmund’s and St Mark’s)




Wedding at St Edmund's Church


Weekly News Sheet

Weekly News Sheet