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In these challenging times, we in the Parish of St Edmund with St Mark are praying for all who in our world, in our country, on our Island and in our village whose lives are disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and particularly for those who are ill and for those who have died. On this page, we have left in place reminders of happier and more normal times, because the Church is there for everyone in good times and in bad.

“Sadly, our church buildings have been closed for the time being. The Archbishops have directed this as it is our โ€˜Christian duty to minimize the risk of infectionโ€™ to friends and neighbours. We will miss our places of worship. But these will be re-opened when the government tells us it is safe to do so. And, although we are not together in the same building, we are united in prayer and are offering pastoral support to one another.

Church is a community of people. Please let us know about changes in your circumstances so that we can support you.

Finally, through this difficult time, please know that God is with us, now and always.
With love and prayers in Christ.

Veronica (Priest in Charge)”

For up to date information, please see online edition of The Bridge magazine, where you can also find resources to help you in your own prayers and reflection. Contact details are in the magazine, or you can contact us through our Facebook page.

Spiritual Communion (PDF) Ways to pray if you can’t get to Church
New digital resources
Available including weekly video broadcasts each Sunday; daily audio for prayer for the day, and night prayer; webinars for churches; daily #LiveLent content; new mental health reflections; and apps and smart speaker skills.

Can you help with this?

Details of current arrangements are in the
online edition of The Bridge magazine.

The church building is now a warm & bright space, with wifi available for hirers and users of the premises. There’s much more work to do to provide access to all areas … upgrading the lounge and kitchen area AND providing a purpose-built, step-free entrance to the church building are next! Funds for the work so far have been provided by donors, through fundraising activities and as a result of grant applications.

We recently received a grant from The WightAid Foundation towards the next phase of work.

Our thanks go to EVERYONE – volunteers & donors – but especially to Stephen Capps, who has worked tirelessly. You have all made this truly amazing transformation possible!